Polaroid XS100 extreme edition HD 1080p 16mp Review

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Polaroid XS100 extreme edition HD 1080p 16mp Review

polaroid XS100 extreme edition hd Wi-Fi

So You want some action? Polaroid XS100 or XS100i would give it to you. The latter model represent Wi-Fi, it is for those who want to operate the camera remotely. We would get into that in a little bit. If you have ever recorded when doing an activity like dirt bike riding. You would know the play back is wobbly because of the uneven ground. I love what they have done with this sports cam. The footage is seamless with no shaky pictures like you would expect. It has a stabilization feature the “anti-shake technology”. With a better battery life than other devices coupled with the price. It’s Awesome!!.

Sports Action Cam with Wi-Fi

Your waterproof extreme sports camera comes in two models XS or XSi “communicates wirelessly”. I call it the gopro alternative. You can sync your device with your smart phone or PC to monitor the feed remotely. In my opinion, the smart phone live feed is smoother that that of the GoPro HERO 3 white. The size looks good  for helmet mount. It comes with a good number or mounting accessories. It is also forgiven when mounting  it on several independent mounts not produced buy polaroid.

Polaroid xs100i vs. GoPro

So which 1080p recorder is the best choice. There is a detailed page dedicated to that Polaroid XS100i Vs. GoPro. But first “let me take a selfie” kidding. Take a look at the specs and tell me what you think. The comparison sheet is for the standard model. Keep in Mind you can get an XSi which is wireless and has features that out shines others. It also has a rotating lens.

Polaroid xs100 and GoPro Hero compared

Pay attention to the following:

Submersible : It is Waterproof and does not need a case like others

Price: It is cheaper and you get more value from it

G – sensor : Auto corrects so you don’t have to mistakenly film upside down. Oh it vibrates so you know when it is on.

Check out the comparison page : Polaroid XS100i Vs. GoPro Hero

You can BUY IT HERE >>> Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition HD