Polaroid XS100 Vs. GoPro Hero 3 white

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Polaroid xs100 Vs. GoPro Hero 3 white – Comparison

Polaroid XS100 and the GoPro Hero 3 are both good sports action recorder. But I have to go with the XS, the polaroid XS100i to be exact because it has Wi-Fi and other features the Hero does not have. This is a great gopro alternative. Here are the additional features the XSi has:

Multiple camera Mounts – The amount of mounts that comes with the package is enough to get your mind off buying accessories for your waterproof camera. This extreme sports action camera is also very easy to use with several independent mounts.

Polaroid accessories

Waterproof – No case needed and you can go up to 30 feet in the water. You would need a case for your Hero 3, because If it falls in the water without it’s case. Well I’ll let you try it and report back to me.

Auto Rotation feature G- sensor : It has a gravity sensor so you do not mistakenly record yourself upside down. No matter how you hold it, it would rotate your shoot right side up. Genius.

Battery life : The battery life seems to be longer, You just have charge it and you are good to go.

Smooth Remote use with Smart phone – I love the smooth live remote view from a smart phone. The live feed does not seems to be breaking up or producing a static video effect.

Anti-shake Technology – The stabilization Technology is beautiful. So you are riding your bike on a rough  bumpy road and you are wobbling really bad. You expect the picture to be very distorted right? The footage playback is very smooth and filters all the shakes and wobbles. Below is a comparison sheet between the polaroid xs100 Vs. GoPro Hero 3 white.

Polaroid xs100 Vs. GoPro Hero 3 white

XS100i Vs. GoPro 3 Black



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